Outreach Activities

Oldcastle Materials supports the community in several ways, both as a parent company and as individual companies in local communities.

Every year, Oldcastle sponsors a company-wide Habitat for Humanity project, which unites employees of all the product groups — Oldcastle Materials, Oldcastle Building Products, and Oldcastle Distribution — to build a home for a family. In addition to employees’ hands-on participation, the company donates many of its products, including concrete block, pavers, countertops, and mulch. Oldcastle's local companies also provide year-round support to Habitat for Humanity affiliates nationwide.

The widespread network of local companies ensures that many nonprofit groups and charities are touched by Oldcastle Materials. Among the organizations that have received support from local companies are The Salvation Army, The American Legion, Boy Scouts of America, conservation groups, local food banks, and organizations devoted to raising awareness about life-threatening diseases.

The environment remains a focus, particularly in communities where our companies operate. In 2004 Oldcastle Materials established a partnership with the Wildlife Habitat Council, which helps corporations and other groups establish wildlife habitats. Oldcastle Materials has developed wildlife habitat sites on 15 facilities in 10 states, returning parts of the land to a natural state that fosters biodiversity and supports many plant and animal species.

For more information about Oldcastle Materials’ sustainability initiatives, click here.